Essay about The Importance Of A Independent Learning At University

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In higher education, learning and studying are different in several ways from that of further education; the main determinant that separates the two tiers of education from each other is that there is more emphasis on independent learning at university compared to college. Independent learning can be defined as being able to learn and motivate yourself on your own. When it comes to learning on your own, this is an important part of independent learning, as you have to be self-disciplined in order to allocate time for studying which could be in the library finding specific resources or completing old exam paper questions. Consolidation work is far more important at a university as despite the lecturer giving you the right direction, it is the individual that must do the research so they can actually consolidate the concept. In the following paragraph, I will begin talking about my past experiences in further education and how they can help whilst at a university.
When I first began college, I was a bit overwhelmed with the step up from GCSE to A-level and regrettably bringing with me the same work ethic from GCSE; I didn’t revise as much as I should of thus resulting in a few bad grades. A lot of people in my situation would’ve given up but in my second year I carried on with my A-levels in Physics and Maths; this is because I truly had enthusiasm and passion for these two subjects. I had to study for AS and A2 Physics in one year hence I had to do a lot of independent study…

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