The Impact Of Western Technical College On Your Business Mind

1152 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
I have always had a ‘go get it’ attitude. The mentality of ‘the harder I work the more reward I will receive’ has been the fuel for my business mind. My ultimate goal is to set up my life to have a comfortable income via earned, portfolio, or passive income. This will take many hours of hard work as well as taking many stomach churning risks. The first step of being successful is learning about yourself. It is crucial that you know what your strong points are in order to feed off of them and use them to your advantage. It is also important to know your weaknesses so you can practice and work harder to make them into strengths. Western Technical College is able to help find, educate, and practice all skills needed in the work place.
Western Tech is able to provide excellent education without deviating from my learning path by adding un-needed classes. Although I do not believe that a degree is absolutely necessary for some traits, most companies do require some form of further education. With business, a person either has the traits to succeed or does not. An expensive degree will not give someone a guaranteed position if they cannot execute basic skills. A business degree is perfect for individuals such as myself because it can be applied in many work areas. I am a strong believer that the more you put in, the more you will get out. Putting in 100% effort into my studies will enable me to do many great things in the future. The skills and abilities learned at Western can be…

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