The Impact Of Technology On School Learning Process Essay

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The technology today is changing at a high rate, several decades ago internet social media, and accessibility to advanced devices was a dream to most people. However, the innovation of new gadgets and technology-based systems has changed how many Organizations operate. Output and quality of services have increased, which explains the developments of major cities and institutions. Though the technology has brought many benefits towards school learning process, it has also hindered them from developing valuable skills that are only attainable through human interactions. This essay argues the role that the technology has played towards helping children learn by deriving its stand from some of the modern technologies, researches, and the available statistical data.
Buchen (2004) argues that technology is behind the evolution that has moved America from traditional education system to a new system; He indicates the steps through which the systems have evolved over the last one century. Buchen argues that centuries ago the records were poorly organized and hardly accessed, which was a challenge for school children to access some important resources. He also explains that the methods used to prepare event calendars and school time table was hectic and time consuming. He brings out clearly the modern school system and the impact that the technology has brought. His key points are founded on how the students have been changed and how the introduction of systems has improved their…

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