Essay about The Impact Of Low Attendance At Church

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The purpose of this review is to look at some of the issues that involved the Impact of Low Attendance at Church. This is a short review and not a complete study. This literature comes from the ATU Library. The search criteria used , The Continuing Relevance of Fami8ly Income for Religious Participation: U.S. White Catholic Church Attendance In the Late 20th Century , Decline in Female Happiness in the United State, After the Fall: The Impact of Government Regulation on Church Attendance in Eastern Europe, A Developmental Twin Study of Church Attendance and Alcohol and Nicotine Consumption , Influence of Church Attendance and Spirituality in a Randomized Controlled Trial to Increase Mammography Use Among a Low-Income, Tri- Racial, Rural Community. These topic all deal with the impact of low church attendance.
It seem that income plays good part in low church attendance. There are many people who feel like, if they don 't have any money than they don 't want to go to church. These people feel like other people are looking at them. The Catholic Church shows that there low church attendance is due to low income. Where Catholic homes are people who are poor immigrant and minorities. Today many Catholics belong to the middle and upper classes. In previous research it is suggested that the effect of income on church participation reflects low-income Christians that social integration. Research concluded that there is little effect of income on church…

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