The Hunger For Teaching And Learning Essay

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"Wait! What are you saying?" as I stood there in incredulity as my high school math teacher told me I failed her class. Simultaneously, screaming, crying and fighting ran through my mind; instead, I calmed myself and gathered my thoughts about what to do next. Grayscale thoughts quickly poured into my once vibrant future. A deep breath oozed out of my mouth when someone said, "You can always go to summer school." Summer school was a success, followed by a bachelor 's degree and some years later-two master degrees. The hunger for teaching and learning has led me to chase my dream of being able to inscribe Dr. before my name. These experiences have cultivated a deep desire to lead in curriculum planning and the delivery of instruction in order to reach all students; especially special needs, slow learners and at risk students.

Professional and Educational Background
Figuring out various ways to convey effective differentiated instruction led me to return to school. I acquired a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Reading, and another in Administration and Supervision k-12. I have worked with college students who were special needs while enrolled in the local community college and I also tutored on the side. Through this involvement, I understood that the classroom is where I wanted to be. In 2006, I moved my family to Virginia by the way of New Haven, Connecticut and by way of Brooklyn, New York. I commenced teaching in an urban middle school that had not been…

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