The Human Mind Stores Short Term Memories Essay

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If you are walking along the beach at sunset enjoying the view and feeling the sensation of the sand between your toes, your brain is receiving the experience. Your brain is collecting information about the setting around you such as the color of the streaks in the sky and the sparkling of the water. The next day you may remember the color of the sky but not when you found sea shells and you only remember when you find them in your jeans pocket. You may remember the color of that sunset for many years into the future but you may not remember the feeling of the sand between your toes. Our mind processes and stores memories in many different ways and we can retrieve information from our short term or long term memory as well as the process of input through our senses.
The human mind stores short term memories as active and easily accessible for a short period of time. Short term memories are recent and can be fleeting after only a few moments. Our brain stores short term and long term memories in different parts of the brain. Each short term memory is stored in the prefrontal lobe and disappears from our memory very soon after it is stored. Only around seven memories or less can be held readily available for ten to fifteen minutes. Information is stored as a short term memory if there is no real importance or significance to a particular memory. As a man is walking down the beach, a woman jogs by wearing a shirt printed with the words New York. He read the words on the…

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