Essay about The Greatest Amount Of Pain And Pleasure

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As humans, we typically live under two extremes in life, pain being the extreme we least desire, and pleasure being the extreme we most desire. Utilitarianism is considered to be a consequential and technological theory that holds the notion, that all actions should be judged in terms of his need in promoting the great is good for the greatest number of people. “Jeremy Bentham believe that you are Utilitarianism could be divided into three parts, he believe that humans was driven by the principles of unity, hedonic calculus, consist of how good or bad in action is in term of this consequences. For example, when we think about anything that we do in life we always consider the consequences of our actions whether the consequences bring happiness or the sadness. We can really look at this same issue as being how good or bad something might be, and following either one of the actions what would be the outcome.
The greatest amount of pain and pleasure is defined in the hedonic calculus, which by Bentham theory has seven points, is intensity, how much pain or how much pleasure can a person endure? Its duration, how long will the pain or pleasure last, because as human, too much of anything can become annoying, we are never satisfied this would include pleasure, its certainty, there will be pain and pleasure in life, uncertainty, the general nature in life was suggest that there would be pain or pleasure and your actions would decide the consequences whether there be pain or…

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