Essay about The Great Tiger, The Magician And The Butcher Play

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What is practical self-determination? Discuss the role that the Great Tiger, the Magician and the Butcher play in Komona’s practical self-determination in the film “War Witch” (Rebelle). When does she finally cease being a child (15 marks)?
Practical self- determination is the growth of a person and them being able to use their learned knowledge to benefit their future. Self-determination strives for a subconscious need to fulfill innate psychological needs. The three basic needs include competence, relatedness, and autonomy. Throughout the film “War Witch” (Rebelle), the viewer is able to witness the growth of Komona since the start of her involvement with the Rebels. It is through the interaction with the Great Tiger, the Magician, and the Butcher as well as others that help Komona discover her practical self-determination.
The beginning of the film shows Komona happy and comfortable in her home village. Her comfort and understanding of her environment showed that she was originally had competence for her environment and control over the outcomes within. When she is first taken from her home she overcomes with emotion. She is dealing with learning an entirely new way of life and accepting that she has lost everything she has even known. This loss of control and uncomfortable unknowing of what might happen takes a toll on Komona. During a battle against the government soldiers, a ghost tells Komona that she needs to run, she follows the directions of the ghost and…

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