The Good Father 's By The Cuban Swimmer By Milcha Sanchez Scott

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The Good Father’s

When reading two stories do you ever notice the similarities, each has in common? Most times readers relate stories to how different they are from one another. In this case by analyzing the similarities of the fathers and the symbolic elements of each story, one could argue the fathers intentions, though good, costed them their families.

El Santo Americano by Edward Bok Lee and The Cuban Swimmer by Milcha Sanchez-Scott are two stories that are filled with family conflict. Though both stories are different, similarly each story expresses how, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining it is for each of the characters involved and even to the reader.

The two main characters in these stories are the father’s. Clay the father in El Santo Americano was known as a Mexican American Wrestler. Clay was not known to be the best wrestler, but actually fought and lost on purpose. His career, ultimately was to be a loser; he was known to be the best loser. Unlike Clay, Eduardo the father in The Cuban Swimmer was a business owner, “ a self made man”. Eduardo lived vicariously through his daughter. These men migrated to American in hopes of a better life and future. Clay and Eduardo worked hard to give their families the best life. In a similar fashion these men saw limitless opportunities for their children, the saw the vision of opportunity that they never had seen for themselves.

In the same way these men worked hard and had the best…

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