Essay on The Gift Of Teaching At Masuk High School

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The Gift of Teaching
Think back to the year 2000. Our president was Bill Clinton,Y2K never happened, people were watching the first season of Survivor, and the biggest economic question was how the government was going to spend its $230 billion dollar surplus. Oh, and gas cost about $1.30/gallon. Terrorist attacks were problems for the rest of the world, we were certainly impervious to such threats in America. And in this year… the year before everything changed, I started teaching at Masuk High School. It has been a great time to be a history teacher. From hanging chads to a global war on terrorism the entire nation is realizing the importance of studying our past to inform the present. I am grateful for having the opportunity to help guide the students of Monroe through their awakening to this world.
You see I truly believe that teaching is a gift. And so I say thank you to the Town of Monroe, the Board of Education, and all of those people who have entrusted me with this opportunity. Teaching is a gift. I don’t mean that it is somehow an endowed talent a person is born with or lacks. If that were the case I certainly wouldn’t be standing here speaking today. You see I don’t come from a family of teachers, nor did I have any real clue of what I was doing not so long ago. In January of 1999 in Attleboro, Massachusetts I stepped foot into the classroom for the first time behind the big desk instead of in front of it. I taught what I felt was a riveting…

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