Essay on The Gap Between The Possibilities And Limits Of Women

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Before and after 1949, the gap between the possibilities and limits of Chinese women’s lives was large, where the limits on women far surpassed the possibilities for a prolonged amount of time. Societal views were placed upon women, creating a system in which women must conform to a specific type of person or they would be shunned upon by those around them. This system was what determined the future of a woman in China. In the following stories, “Sealed Off”, by Ailing Zhang, “A Woman Like Me”, by Xi Xi, and “Fin de Siecle Splendor” by Zhu Tianwen, we explore the status of women during these periods of times. From being viewed as unequal to men to forging a sense of independence from men, women have created a path towards decreasing the gap between their possibilities and limits. Throughout the three time periods, women have gone from a system of inequality towards finding a way to change the way people view them. In the story, “Sealed Off”, by Ailing Zhang, one of the most evident details I have noticed within the story is that, during the time of war in China, women’s status were not held high and with the main character, Cuiyuan, her emotions display the role of women in society. After the air raid alarm bell rings and the tram car is stopped, as Cuiyuan grades the male student’s paper, giving him an “A”, she realizes that this student, a male in particular, said things to her in a fearless and forthrightly way, which ultimately showed his respect towards her. The…

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