The Frameworks For Teaching Evaluates Teachers Essay

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The Frameworks for Teaching evaluates teachers while ensuring teacher quality and promoting professional learning. Danielson spoke of how important it is for an evaluation to be grounded on evidence of a teacher’s quality in multiple areas of teaching. She point out that, “Without such grounding, (in evidence) impressions of teachers’ skills are based entirely on the observer 's’ own idiosyncratic views of teaching and their understandings of what has occurred and what those events mean” (Danielson, 2008). There are two types of evidence, observation and artifacts, are collected during the Frameworks for Teaching evaluation process. The observation evidence is still a key component to collect information of how well a teacher engages students in the learning process. In the Framework for Teaching process though there are components like the pre-conference and post conference that allows a teacher to have professional conversations with their evaluator to clarify the observation. In the pre-conference they are able to discuss and share artifacts of what planning and preparation has went into the lesson that the evaluator will be observing. In the post conference to reflect on how they believe the learning went. Teachers are able to have a professional conversation with their evaluator about things that went well or might not have went exactly like they had planned. They are able to discuss and collaborate on their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers mainly use the artifacts…

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