The Fourth Of July By Audre Lorde Essay

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We have gained independence from Great Britain, discrimination and lack of equal rights still exist among the people . As shown in the article “The Fourth of July” by Audre Lorde contains about discrimination which occurred on the independence day in Washington D.C. Audre Lorde visits Washington, D.C. with her family where she comes across many things that she wasn’t aware of. Her family couldn’t stand up for themselves which made Lorde get frustrated about the situation. In the story Lorde was not allowed to do many things which shows that independence for Lorde, does not exist for everyone. As shown in the text, Lorde feels excluded from the crowd around her because her family was not allowed to be at specific place. In the railroad when she finds out that black people weren’t allowed to eat in the dining car. Lorde thought everything was equal for everyone like the monument, the counter at the restaurant, the heat but when she visited Washington D.C., she comes across the truth that not everyone had similar things like the white things in the Washington D.C., not everyone had independence. Also she writes this article to describe the reality of how people were being treated differently, when Lorde and her family were told to leave the restaurant. The article “The Fourth of July” demonstrates how a person does not have equal rights which shows that they do not have enough freedom. Also they do not have enough independence where they can do whatever they feel…

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