Essay about The First Years Of Marriage

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The dating game is a game of countless dinners, movies, and pleasurable activities. Once couples marry, these events become less frequent. Division of labor and human anatomy are some factors contributing to the decline in marital satisfaction. The first years of marriage also referred to as the honeymoon stage, is a time of actually becoming better acquainted and getting to know each other. But, when the dating phase runs its course and concludes, the game of marriage and house are now at the forefront of couple’s lives. Consequently, with dating no longer prevalent, marriage and home have now transitioned couples into their new roles. Transitioning into these new roles can be both challenging and confusing. However, these new functions and human anatomy are a couple of the issues faced in the early years of marriage which brings on the decline of marital satisfaction. At this level of the marriage, the division of labor starts to project amongst married couples and has clearly defined gender roles. “As a consequence of this division, women are expected to behave communally and these expectations get it translated into behaviors such as cooking and childcare, which equip them for fulfilling domestic roles” (Kurdek, 2005:69). “Men on the other hand are expected to behave agentically, and these expectations get translated into behaviors relevant to earning capacity that equip them for filling occupational roles” (Kurdek, 2005:69). Head of household and…

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