The First Pedagogical Obstacle Of Teaching A Language Essay example

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The first pedagogical obstacle in teaching a language is the motivation that drives the student, and the effect that motivation can have on the student (Yu, 2014, p. 24). Yu’s research identified that “learning motivation is one of the most important factors influencing learners’ success or failure in language learning. “A foreigner attending the University of Tennessee’s English Language Institute who is in his or her 30’s has different motivation than a 19-year-old person attending the English Language Institute hoping to gain admittance into the university’s computer science program. Kachru (1985, p.37) separates these learners into integrative and instrumental. Learners with integrative goals, want to learn the language because they need to become part of that society or culture, while learners with instrumental goals, want to learn the language to use it for tangible purposes such as career, education or personal incentives. As a result, it may or may not be appropriate for these two students to have identical class schedules.
The first student may be motivated through career enhancement in their home country, while the second person may have goals of a Ph.D. and working in the United States. The different motivation dictates the appropriate path for the student but also guides the teacher as to what the student wants. The concept of individualize language teaching is not completely feasible at a university level but many companies teach classes…

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