The First Mechanism Is Neuromuscular Factors, The Loss Of Neural Input

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The first mechanism is neuromuscular factors, the loss of neural input to the muscles is ongoing and a lifelong process that is irreversible. When the body loses motor units that innervate several muscle fibers, the neurons that survived attempt to “adopt” muscle fibers. The lower number of motor units functional means the individual has decreased strength and muscle atrophy. The vastus lateralis in 43 male cadavers aged 15 to 83, this study showed total number of muscle fibers was reduced by 50% between the age of 20 and 80(Willardson, (2004). The crosssectional area showed there was higher loss of fast twitch type II muscles compared to slowtwitch type I muscle fibers. The individual 's experience limited capacity to exercise because of the loss of muscle fibers and neuron innervation, as the decreases central nervous system input ability to recruit muscle fiber to maintain physical activity is compromised.
Along with muscle loss quantity, the quality of muscles declines with age. The peak force production of a muscle is dependent on the quality of the muscle, if muscles cannot produce adequate force then individuals cannot participate in exercise or daily activities(Willardson, (2004). For example, to wash the dishes, an individual must have enough force and strength to lift dishes from table to sink, and remain standing while washing them.
Muscle function tests found that decline in muscle quantity is due to structural and composition changes such as…

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