Essay about The First Citation Comes From The Book Of Isaiah

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The first citation comes from the book of Isaiah. I recognize it is the mini apocalypse passage. The overall structure of the book of Isaiah is a fourfold repeating of destruction and renewal. This mini apocalypse is smack dab within that cycle.
The destruction aspect of Isaiah’s book is caused by the contrast between God 's holiness and the unholy way the southern kingdom is acting. This sin into which the kingdom has fallen calls for immediate action.
Isaiah began his ministry during a critical period of prosperity in the southern kingdom. However, an increase in wealth and a disparity in its distribution brought about several problems. In addition, the Assyrian army had begun an advance on the northern kingdom. Essential to the book of Isaiah is Isaiah’s strongly held conviction that God still controls the nations of the world. This citation is in line with the idea that there is no disparity in judgment, not race, religion, or status.
The book of Isaiah’s meaning is generally boiled down to the idea that God is holy, and that the people have fallen short of this holiness in their actions. This passage is taken as part of a destruction restoration cycle. The modern Christian can take comfort because holiness doesn’t just mean judgement. The holiness of God also means faithfulness, and forgiveness. The second citation comes from the book of Hosea. This identification suggests itself because of the use of harlotry language. Hosea’s book favors an interpretation of the…

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