The Firm 's Multiple Situations Of Corruption And Deceit Essay

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The 1993 film, The Firm, is about revealing the business environment as a cut-throat competitive and money driven realm of society that is faced with many personal and business ethical issues. In this essay, we will discuss The Firm’s multiple situations of corruption and deceit as it relates to business ethics concepts demonstrated by James Brusseau (2016); the decisions made and alternative outcome; the reasons why the character made his choices according to Kohlberg’s theory of moral development; and the results behind those decisions. The major business ethical issues identified in this movie are: theories of duties and rights involving perennial duties we owe to ourselves and others and categorical imperative, something we need to do all the time; and theories of consequence ethics that focuses on the results of what you do, not what you do.
In this movie, the main character, Mitch McDeere, a young and ambitious man who recently graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. In the very beginning, we see the different prestigious law firms offering more money than the prior to entice Mitch to accept their offer of employment. Mitch is approached by Bendini, Lambert, & Locke, a small Memphis firm, which admits to bribing the clerk at Harvard’s placement office to learn what salaries the other law firms had offered him and increase it by 20% more along with a fully furnished home, and other incentives. Mitch is unaware that the firm is bugging the home to monitor…

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