The Film Birth Of A Nation Essay

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The film Birth of a Nation by D.W. Griffith shows how life apparently intended to be for all the people in America during the civil war. D.W. Griffith demonstrates the life of Americans by using two different families, historical events and people in order to show what was happening during that time. Griffith uses two families in the film which are the Cameron’s representing the south and the Stoneman’s representing the north to demonstrate how life was changing for them in the civil war. This film shows that the south were getting poor, the north becoming stronger, Africans getting their freedom and were savages. Birth of a Nation will tell the story in which chaos would grow for everyone and the only ones that will save them is the Ku Klux Klan their savior. D.W. Griffith wanted for us to see how vivid films can be and can relate to everyone’s lives just by using a different way of seeing things and this is why he produced the film Birth of a Nation. Impacting the viewer’s lives with the powerful cinema including the historical people and real life events can leave something with them forever. Modifying events from the plot line and most of the history background story when creating a whole new one, with a different relating real life ending, would affect all the people who have watched this film. With this Griffith’s main goal in making this film is to suggest how any of the movies being made can brainwash and convince the viewer’s thoughts and making them think that…

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