Essay about The Field Of Human Services

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In the field of human services, having a nonjudgmental mindset is crucial to carrying out your job efficiently. In order to work with clients from all different backgrounds, it is necessary to know how to adjust your method to each individual. On my journey to becoming a human services professional, I have dealt with my own prejudices like never before. There are so many things that we say or unconsciously think on a daily basis that projects a great deal of prejudices without knowing it.
The baseline and the hidden bias tests were eye-openers for me. It made me aware of prejudices I hold, or never gave any thought to. It was particularly hard for me to answer the open-ended questions in regards to prejudice. I try to not be a prejudice person. I’m aware of the stereotypes people hold for others, but I do not take them into account. It took me a long time to get to this point of thinking the way I do. I believe everyone deserves a fair chance without being judged before they get the opportunity to present themselves.
In regards to the questions asked about the instances in history where prejudice is in play, I need to brush up on my history knowledge. In order to work with people from different cultures, it is important to have an idea of their history and what the people of their culture have faced. I would believe that it will give you a better understanding of how to facilitate the sessions with the individual. Certain cultures may be hesitant to open up to me because…

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