The Faults Of Human Nature Essay

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The faults of human nature are many flaws but one of the biggest faults is the gullibility of humans, especially in the presence of the supernatural. It is often easy to think that the thoughts or actions of an individual are of their own doing. It is even easier to assume that the range of the mind falls between good and evil. But our society isn’t quite clear and even in fiction, there is always something motivating and action that lingers in the back of the mind of any character. The supernatural in particular is known for its ability to push people to extremes and alter their perception drastically. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, at first glance it is easy to assume the blind ambition that brews within Macbeth and his wife or the guilt that plagues them following their actions, is the biggest motivator. It is easy to say that blind ambition and guilt are the forces that stretch the boundaries of good and evil and are the bare bones of the play. But that is just the surface of the complexity interlaced into this tragedy. Dig further, and it becomes clear that these emotions were not always prevalent in the characters but were instead prompted by a force so powerful, it toyed with fate and provoked deception until the end; it was the supernatural that fueled the emotions and actions that take up much of the play.
The themes of ambition, insecurity and the power of the ego are prevalent not just in current society, but also in Scotland during the period in which this play is…

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