Essay about The False Self Esteem And Its Effect On Children

2059 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
The first way that participation trophies are damaging children in today 's society is the false-esteem that comes with them. Self-esteem, while being a positive thing to have in itself, can also bring about problems when gained through means that do not improve the individual. The false self-esteem that is brought upon with these rewards for simply trying “make us feel we can achieve anything” without the hard work that comes with most achievements. (SELF 2) While some may argue this point that there is not really a thing called “false self-esteem” because any self-esteem should be credited as valid, when a person is building themselves up through means that do not improve the individual. In a recent study from an electronic journal the relationship between unconditional self acceptance and self-esteem was tested and came back with positive results. (Viviano 1) With these findings it should be clear to see that if extremely high self-esteem leads to unconditional self acceptance, then building a high sense of self-esteem that is not worked for would make children accept themselves even when they do not work hard or put forth their best effort. Because of this false self-esteem can be linked to boredom in the classroom or in an activity due to confidence, children getting attention for things that they do not deserve, and becoming narcissists.

Along the lines of the confidence boost that is given to students through a false sense of self-esteem come various other problems.…

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