Essay The Faith Of The Church And Its Teachings From The Bible

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Having faith means to have a belief in there being a higher power with promise of a divinity of everlasting life. The Christian faith is the experience of living in a dynamic and new personal relationship with God through the transforming and indwelling power of Jesus in your body and life. The key to this new experience of living, and its essential factor, is trusting God to make you into a new person by allowing him to place the Spirit on behalf of Jesus, his Son, into your mind and body where Jesus (Jesus, the Spirit, and God, the Father) can do their work to give you a new life.
You learn about faith through the church and its teachings from the bible. In it we learn about all the great wonders and stories which from the beginning of time, to the time of the
Old covenant with Abraham, Solomon, etc... Especially the story of Noah which start the beginning of the new covenant God promises us. And within that covenant comes Jesus to
Help clear us of our sins. Through him preach in the word to his people and those who would choose to listen, believe and follow. To those who persecuted him and his people and followers and tried to end his teaching and or rejected him. To his fatal ending in the cross
Where he died for our sins and opened the gates of heaven for us.
You don 't even need church to find out about the word of God and his teaching to let you know about his faith. You can easily obtain a bible yourself and read about the moral values and lessons that come about in…

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