The Experience Of Writing My First Essay

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The experience of writing my first essay.
Many people have different experiences in the area of writing but why I had difficulties when I wrote my first essay. Well, all started when I was studying English on another state. I didn’t know even how to write an essay because back home I didn’t do a lot of essays before I graduated from high school. This was a new adventures for me because I tried my best but I still felt that I was doing not so well. Also, it was my first time writing in another language so it was very changeling for me and complicated on the same time. However, I did not give up and I proved myself that I will do but it didn’t work and it was worst and worst every day. Moreover, the professor gave me back my essay and he told me that I needed to changed many things because it didn’t make sense at all. Well I did my second draft and I was better than the first one and in the last draft I did the best I could had done and the grade showed the effort that I did to get excellent grades. In addition, I strongly believe that there were three different skills to improve my writing ability, such as paying attention to the class, learning the structure of an essay and dedication.
My first reason was to do an extraordinary essay, the only rule I needed, was paying attention to the class. I started from the basic steps of an essay and it was the only way to learned something new. My teacher was always giving examples of different essay or asking questions to each person…

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