The Events That Took Place On The Second Floor Of Knutson On Sunday

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The following report is a written account of the events that took place on the second floor of Knutson on Saturday, April 15 starting around 12:10 PM, and ending at 12:15 PM the next morning.

The initial issue: I was sitting on one of the rooms in my hall having a good time hanging out with my hall mates. At 12:10, Guanbei Wondor sent me a text that read “bro your hall smells like dank weed.”. I responded by asking him to meet me in my hall. We met together and determined that the smell was coming from the end of the hall. We had assumptions about which room based off previous issues, none to the degree of drugs, such as vis hour violations and chewing tobacco. Both us RAs wanted to be as thorough as possible, so we decided to ask others. When people would pass through the hall, we would ask them, “Do you smell anything?” The reason for this was so they would give us their honest opinion. Every single person had the same respon, which were all along the lines of, “Yes, its weed.” The total amount of people we asked was around 10-15.

The first confrontation: Guanbei and I decided to confront the suspected room. I decided I would do all of the talking. The reason for that decision was because it was my hall, and I had relationships with all of the guys in the room. Gaunbei decided he would play the role of the observer. The reason for that decision was because he had more experience in seeing the symptoms of people who were high than I did. As I knocked, there was…

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