The Ethics And Ethical Behavior Essay

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Good ethics is good business, unfortunately in the modern day era that is not always necessarily true due to the fact that many businesses cut corners and more often then not behave unethically in order to gain an advantage or a measly profit. Although Toyota, Apple and Wal-Mart are prime examples just to name a few, the two main businesses that will be focused on are 7-Eleven and Volkswagen. In order to understand and correctly analyse ethics and ethical behaviour, one must have a basic understanding of what ethics are and how they coincide with businesses in the modern day, By definition ethics are “moral principles that govern a person 's behaviour or the conducting of an activity” as seen above, in short, ethics are moral principles that governs behaviour or activity therefore basic logic dictates that if an individual or business is working and producing goods legally and acceptably in the eyes of the law and the eyes of the community then they are behaving ethically. Ethics, Issues within Management of a business as well as Managing culture and diversity within ones business will be the three main points that will be spoken about and critically analysed in this report.

UN-Ethical Behaviour
Major companies such as 7- Eleven have broken their good brand name through unethical behaviour in the past, there are a plethora of compelling examples such as, the underpayment of workers inside the main company as well as franchises, the employee’s at the time who were…

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