The Environment Of Higher Education Essay

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Rich (2006) informs that “the environment of higher education is in the midst of a dramatic transformation that has altered requirements for success in university administration. The new environment is more turbulent, more threatening, and more competitive than was the case only a few decades ago.” Day et al. (2012) examined the events leading up to the implementation of an organizational restructuring at a major university and then the outcomes of the restructuring. If the planning and implementation phases of an organizational restructuring are not given the attention they need, organizational changes can results in less than expected outcomes. The university suffered from financial stress and without regard to much planning, management imitated a popular downsizing trend, which ultimately created an ineffective environment. In the case of this study, a university was chosen for several reasons. These reasons include: 1.) universities are worthy organizational research setting, 2.) colleges and universities are not immune to the effects of economic downturn, 3.) it allows the researchers to focus on knowledge workers in the university environment, and 4.) colleges and universities tend to have a mimicked behavior (Day et al., 2012).
According to Day et al (2012), colleges and universities across the U.S. continue to downsize at extraordinary rates. Universities, large and small, public and private, have been negatively affected by financial cutbacks and declining…

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