The Enlightenment Thinkers Deserve Due Credit For Creating The Foundational Building Blocks Of American Government

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The Enlightenment thinkers deserve due credit for creating the foundational building blocks of American government. Though the philosophers wrote their documents in different times, locations, and periods, their main ideas unify together as a masterpiece. Their issues of balancing power, handling the army, ensuring basic freedoms, and guaranteeing democracy are specifically addressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Were it not for these wise, intelligent, and brilliant thinkers, history could be extremely different today. The people who created these vital ideas endured various problems throughout history. However, instead of letting the problem slide by without solution, they devised blueprints to solve it. John Locke, for example, desired to convince the public that the Glorious Rebellion was indeed justified (Unknown, 2013). Thus, he produced the Second Treatise of Civil Government. Interestingly, Locke did not write this to solely defend the Rebellion: he also wished to explain his ideas for a more civilized society based on natural rights. Throughout this writing, he emphasizes that the laws of nature are separate from the laws of man. Though the natural rights given in the laws of nature are beneficial, they must be surrendered to create a civilized society. Thus, the community as a whole receives these rights, and uses it to benefit all. Three natural rights are mentioned in both the Declaration of Independence and the Second Treatise: Life,…

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