Essay on The Effects Of Testing On Teaching And Learning

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intervention” (Herman, Dreyfus & Goldman, 1990, p. 3) as they claimed the increase in high-stakes testing itself has powerful impact on “classroom learning” (Herman, Dreyfus & Goldman, 1990, p. 3) and instructional techniques (p. 8). This publication was written twelve years before No Child Left Behind was signed into law, so it represents the beneficial aspects of testing on teaching and learning without the context of No Child Left Behind to skew our thinking as a result of that contentious legislation. It might be easy to forget that the presence of these high stakes tests have had a positive influence on teaching and learning and by including tests and other accountability measures in policy, the policy developers are calling for educators to respond to the needs of students. Educators, parents, students: It seems everyone these days agrees there is too much testing in schools. But testing is not going to go away, and it is possible to design tests differently so students continue to learn while taking tests. Further, testing provides teachers with valuable formative feedback to help them design curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of students. This feedback also, according to Darling-Hammond and Conley (2015) provides insight into students’ thinking processes, how they learn, and why they misunderstand (p. 240). I would offer it is not testing itself that is problematic; testing provides valuable information about student learning and has the potential to…

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