The Effects Of Space Travel On Human Mind Essay

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The affect that space travel has on the human mind is unfathomable to those who have yet to experience such a thing. While children, and even many adults, dream of one day traveling through space and living on another planet, most do not think of the extreme mental struggles that come with this adventure of a lifetime. The struggles of food, water, hygiene, isolation, and gravity are only a handful of what astronauts have to deal with on their missions through space and walking among other planets.
While it is an exciting thought that humanity may be living on another planet, such as Mars, one day, it may not be as easy as society thinks when we finally make it there. An experiment was done by NASA to simulate what it would be like for a group of people to live on terrain similar to Mars (Cornet, 2015). “A major component of the experiments is exposing human guinea pigs to extreme scarcity” (Cornet, 2015, para 4). Cornet (2015) explains that a group of six candidates and specialists were placed on an old Hawaiian volcano that is supposed to be the closest terrain we have to Mars on planet Earth.
These candidates were sent to live together inside of a dome on these volcanic slopes for an entire year. Each person in this group was allowed one shower every week that could not last longer than seven minutes (Cornet, 2015). Most people take showers three times longer than this, multiple times a week. As far as food and water conditions, everyone had access to extremely dry,…

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