The Effects Of Sexual Activity On Adolescent Mind And Sexual Desire

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Hormones run high in the adolescent mind and sexual desire cannot be overlooked anymore. Sexual activity in teens is on the rise and the school systems education on the subject is not preparing teens for their future mental and physical sexual lives. Students need to be educated, have the proper knowledge of how to take care of themselves, and need the proper education for the sex drive that is present in all human beings. The centers for disease control and prevention did a survey in which 47% percent of all teenagers have had sex and 60% of those teens did not use protection (NCLS). Teens are not being educated enough on how to use that birth control devices such as condoms, IUDs, spermicide etc. and the benefits each one possesses. Instead, students are given scare tactics, false statistics, and outdated information such as anatomy, how pregnancy occurs, and how STDs are spread and what one can do to prevent them. Schools and parents need to be honest, direct, and open or accepting of their child 's point of view (Mayo Clinic). Only nineteen states require that sex ed must be medically, factually, and technically accurate, this means that other states or schools do not need sex ed to be accurate or educational. false sex examples incorporate the idea that abortion can lead to sterility and suicide, that half the gay male teenagers in the United States have tested positive for the AIDS virus, and that touching a person 's genitals "can result in pregnancy” (Washington…

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