Essay about The Effects Of Modern Day Music On The Music Industry

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Music is the creation of rhythms, beats, and other elements blended together to create a track. It can be with or without lyrics, however modern day music is generally created with lyrics. Sound and music are two completely different things; music is organized sound with repetition and rhyme which has meaning behind it. But unorganized sound is simply just sound without meaning. The roots of modern day music stem back to the early twentieth century. During this era the music industry was booming. Harlem in New York was a prime location for the distribution of music sheets. During this time, Steve Reich was born in America. He was one of the few artists who was accredited for their minimal approach towards music. As time progressed music was available to a large audience when the tape recorder was invented. As new technology was being introduced into music artist begin to experiment with different styles of producing and mixing. The minimalist methods are greatly appreciated and utilized by many modern day musicians. Steve Reich was destined to grow up and compose music. Music was in his blood, his mother was a Broadway lyricist and singer, born in New York City near the heart of Harlem. The odds were set in his favor, it was evident that he would grow up and potentially pursue a career in music. Nature or Nurture pay a big role in determining your career, but for Mr. Reich both of them supported and encouraged music. He was raised in a divorced family and spent his…

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