The Effect Of Increased Internet Usage Documented? The Shallows By Nicholas Carr And Smarter Than You Think By

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Ever since the Internet was established, the amount that people use it has skyrocketed. People have used it and relied on it more and more as the years have passed. The Internet is widely available for everyone to use, and it is changing people’s brain. “It’s becoming our typewriter and our printing press, our map and our clock, our calculator and our telephone, our post office and our library, our radio and our TV” (Carr 83). People are using the Internet to replace many of these things because it has made them easier and simpler. As the Internet has become more accessible, people have been exposed to it earlier in their life. The effects of increased Internet usage documented in The Shallows by Nicholas Carr and Smarter Than You Think by Clive Thompson are negative because of how it has changed the way people socially interact. The Internet has been changing our brains, which is causing negative effects on how people interact with one another. Various studies by professionals have proven that when we are online, it is changing how our brain works (Carr 116). People are spending a tremendous amount of time on the Web, so our brains are trying to gather large amounts of information. Whatever we do on the Internet, it gives us a high-speed response, and that is affecting Internet users. “When we send a tweet through Twitter, we gain followers. When we write a blog post, we get comments from readers or links from other bloggers. The Net’s interactivity gives us powerful new…

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