Essay about The Discovery And Exploration Of The Right Brain

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One of the techniques used by Poe was the discovery and exploration of the Right Brain. Poe was an avid follower and believer in Phrenology, although it was studied very little in his time. Poe did not directly discover this part of the brain, but he would still describe it in great detail. He saw it as the exotic part of the mind. What he described as the exotic part of the mind is now officially called the right hemisphere of the brain. He believed this part of the brain dealt with emotion and imagery. This part of the brain manifested itself in dreams and the subconscious according to Poe. An example of his discovery of this can be found in "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket." In this story he describes a journey into the brain. Through this journey, the narrator discovers a unique part of the brain. Two important parts of daily life cannot be found in this exotic part of the brain, language and time. It is now known that the left part of the brain deals with these types of functions. Also, although Pym, the narrator, can 't understand language he can comprehend music. The right brain is now known to deal with music. The name Pym can be interpreted as standing for pseudonym. In the unusual part of the mind he also found vivid images, strong emotions and destructive desires. The account of this journey is an exploration inward and not outward. It explores the area of imagination and creativity that can be found in everyone (Canada). Dark…

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