Essay on The Different Ways Of Teaching

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There are two common ways of teaching. Teaching to a student’s style, or teaching to a teacher’s style. One way to prove this is to look at my AP physics teacher and compare him to my electronics teacher. They have very different teaching styles yet they both accomplished the same goal. Teaching the students the subject.
Some people in education believe that teachers should teach to the student’s style, but this is not true. Student’s learning styles can differ greatly between students in the same class creating the need for a teacher to have around 30 different teaching styles (one for each student) for one class. I have been in many classes where one student learns best through visual aids, another through repetition, a third through examples, and so on. A teacher cannot be expected to teach to all of these styles at the same time. Another problem with teaching to the student’s style is that the way a student learns best might not be the way the teacher teaches best. Although the student might be able to get the most out of a particular teaching style, the teacher might not be able to teach effectively. A teacher that teaches the way that best suits him or her will be able to more effectively teach the students even if the teaching style does not match the students learning style.
One example of this is my AP physics teacher. He taught by making the students think of the answer themselves. He never gave an answer to a question. He would only ask another question to get…

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