Essay The Differences Between Gender And Sexuality

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The world revolves many different atmospheres and characteristics; however not every atmosphere is the same when it comes to religious practices. Every religion has its own practices and restrictions. In accordance, I am going to discuss the differences between gender and sexuality in the Islamic world; after attending Friday prayer; There were many questions that have gave me more knowledge about Islam and how everything is distinguished and run by the holy Quran; Friday is a special day of the week where it is holy for muslims. This prayer known as Jema’ah prayer is inherently bringing all the Muslim community together in honor of being holy and turning to God. This a way to show that one is committed to Islam. “The five daily prayers, and from one Jema’ah to the next, are an explanation for whatever sins come in between, so long so one does not commit any major sin.” On this day it is said to commit good sins on Friday prayer; there should not be only good sins on Friday prayer, but as a daily ritual.
Friday prayer is very important in Islam it connects you closer to God “Allah “and basically purifies one 's soul. The Imam (preacher) introduces Friday prayer by basically lecturing about it and what it is about; Then he simply leads the prayer with a salutation to God, by saying
“Allahu Akbar “and then he guides them through the rest of the prayer, praying it five times daily. O you who believe! When the call is made for prayer on Friday ,then hasten to remembrance of…

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