The Development Of American Literature Essay

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According to speculations by different researchers, Thomas is a hard working young man with a lot of determination to achieve in life, the reason to his failure is perceive as his ingenious. Having gone many challenges in his young age, this did not hinder him from becoming one of the prominent article writers in his lifetime. He perceived excelling and leading a nice life in his adulthood thereafter. At times, life could too little of what it is perceived. He has enormously contributed in the development of American literature through his publications. This proves beyond doubt that challenges in life are there to teach us lessons of how to be conservative to our achievements. Most of the people view challenges as signs of weaknesses or a character of failure with someone. This perception of challenges in effort to achieve as a form of failure has discouraged aggregate dreamers in the world. Every venture or endeavor in life has its own challenges. This is a paper expounding on literal, cultural and historical contributions in attaining of self-independence by Americans in 1800s.
Challenges help us to appreciate our achievements. By facing challenge situations, you grow strong in your perceptions of issues. One very important thing that people do not know about challenges, Is that they act as motivators to people who are determined to achieve. It is after overcoming a challenge when a person is more powerful to get into the next step of achieving his/her goals. Being a…

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