The Depletion Of Self Control Essay examples

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Self Control Not Included: The Depletion of Self Control in Of Mice and Men
In the novella Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, one of the most important themes is how the lack of self-control can have unfortunate consequences. George and Lennie, two best friends, are striding to salvage enough money to buy themselves a farm in the middle of nowhere with rabbits, dogs, and chickens. George, a man who was burdened with taking care of a man-child, is Lennie 's brother but in a way his primary caretaker. He has to stop Lennie from doing simpleminded actions for he does not know the power of his own strength. Every Time they get a job and try to settle down, Lennie messes up, and they have to move on to the next town. Lennie has no self control whatsoever. He does not understand the consequences of his own actions unless George explains it to him, which he forgets shortly after. This is a true burden to George especially because he does not have to take care of Lennie. He can run away and never turn back, but since George is an allegiant friend he stays. This essay will discuss how Lennie’s lack of self control gets the men into predicaments like when he apparently “raped” a girl, squashed his boss 's hand without giving it a second thought, and and how he killed his boss’s wife who was one of the few people who truly understood him.
The story Of Mice and Men starts out with George and Lennie fleeing the town of Weed. This instituted when Lennie saw a girl in a fine-looking dress.…

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