The Declaration Of The United States Constitution Essay

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The origin of the united stated and it fundamental government was create because of thirteen colonies tried of the “tyrannical” rule of their mother county “ great Britain”. The original thirteen colonies, influent by the similar ideology to revolt against great Britain, to from it own nation with the declaration of independence in 1776. The ideology begin to diverts into smaller fractions as the revolutionary war continue, and created multiple friction within the new nation as seen in the failed document “ article of confederation”, as each colonies’ ideology and political standing begin to create tension, that could split the new nation, that is till the creation of the U.S. constitution, a “temporary” form of government, in 1781. The U.S. constitution, one of the most revered document as the symbol of unity of the thirteen colonies but the document did not filled all the basic ideology or political goals of the revelatory, as it was only supposed to be a temporary solution for the time begin, since the declaration of independence did not form any type of structure to a government nor did the article of confederation as it failed to united the colonies. The creation of the declartation of independence to revel the motives and ideology of the thirteen colonies, but did not present any form structure of a government. The common ideology behind the revolution was the paranoid of being slaves to the British empire, as the colonies’ represtentives goverement was losing it…

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