The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man And The Citizen Essay

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Both The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen and The Declaration of Independence were created to protect the rights of the citizens in France and in the United States of America. The creation of these two texts mark a very important stage in our history, as many countries fought for their independence around that time. As a matter of fact, many countries today are still fighting for their freedom, or freeing themselves from a leader that is corrupting their daily lives. If nobody had stood up for themselves and their country, many people would not have the rights they are privileged to have today. The DRMC was created to help fix France 's government and protect their rights, while the Declaration of Independence was made to accomplish a new government, protect the rights that the citizens believed God had given them, and remove all ties from the British. As you can already tell, these two documents have some similarities and some differences. Without them, who knows what the world would be like today. As I was reading through these two texts, I noticed that each one had a specific message that both the National Assembly and the Continental Congress wanted to get out there. Even though the DRMC and the Declaration of Independence both stated their claim, both had different methods that worked to get the point across. The National Assembly were the people who created the DRMC. In this document, they list the rights of man very specifically. The people of France…

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