Essay on The Declaration Of Independence2 By Stephen Lucas

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The Declaration of Independence2 can be broken down into five distinct sections according to Stephen Lucas’s, Schema of the Declaration of Independence3. These sections are the introduction, preamble, indictment section, “Denunciation of the British People”, and the conclusion3. According to Howard Mumford Jones, who is a well-known scholar and author in American History, the document can be invalidated by its lack of evidence and outrageous claims. Jones believes the Declaration of Independence is essentially a persuasive essay because the indictment section accuses King George III of things without sufficient evidence, and that the idea of ‘inalienable rights’2 is an outlandish idea because some simply don’t have as many rights as others. Taking in to account that Jones himself calls the document, “one of the two most powerful public papers ever issued in this country…"3 (Jones 3), it becomes possible to say with certainty that this is a highly praised document, with certain prestige. However, if this extremely powerful document is nothing more than a persuasive essay, then surely all praise of the document is unable to be considered legitimate. This just cannot be the case. The Declaration of Independence is above all else a political statement, meant to begin a war on an empire that fearlessly ruled many countries for hundreds of years. The Declaration of Independence inspired the change needed to restore a less monopolized international community. The…

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