The Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution, And The Bill Of Rights

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The foundation of our country’s government has been built on three documents that in total consist of 6,001 words. The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights are three documents that have shaped our lives today. Without one of these documents, the way we conduct our lives would be extremely different. Starting with The Declaration of Independence, continuing on to The Constitution, and finishing with The Bill of Rights show the development of our country. Although parts of each document has been modified or interpreted differently, they are all a timeless pieces of history. Each document, unique in it’s own way, display the evolution of The United States.

Taking many science classes, one of the main things I learned about was the evolution of humans; America’s history is quite similar to this theory. Starting with The Declaration of Independence, which was made to declare independence from Great Britain 's rule and evolving with each document that continues. The Declaration of Independence could be the most significant of the three. If the U.S never claimed their independence potentially, we could still be under Great Britain 's rule, resulting in no U.S government at all. The document starts off by explaining how America, the thirteen colonies, wanted to disconnect from the British government and govern themselves. It continues on by giving a list of Guided Principles, which were truths that they made quite evident. After reading all…

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