Essay on The Declaration Of Independence By William Ker Muir

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Suppose if the United States of America was not as it is today, but a colonized land governed by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, formally called Kingdom of Great Britain or Great Britain. This could have been the case if the Second Continental Congress had not formed and agreed to sign an important document called the Declaration of Independence. It is widely believed July 4, 1776 the final draft was signed by John Hancock and officially assumed by the Continental Congress. (U.S, 1776) To help analyze the Declaration of Independence, the book from John J Patrick called Founding the Republic: A Documentary History will be used to give details on the subject. The book by William Ker Muir called Freedom In America will also be used to give details on the subject. The book by Allen Jayne called Jefferson 's Declaration of Independence: Origins, Philosophy, And Theology will also be used to give details on the subject. The Declaration of Independence is an important document that everybody living in the United States of America should understand how it came to be and why it was composed. It is also important to explain how the Declaration of Independence effected life in the day when it was written and of today in the year 2016. After all this the Declaration of Independence should 've been given new insight on why it was such a big deal in American and World history.
The Declaration of Independence was signed by the signed by filthy six men of the…

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