The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Thomas Jefferson penned one of the most famous documents in United States History: the Declaration of Independence. Separation from the oppression caused by Great Britain was definitely a relief to the new inhabitants of the New World. Within that document lied a phrase that liberated many people when it came to how the New World was ran: all men are created equal. However, even before the Declaration of Independence was drafted in 1776, that statement failed to be upheld. In 1619, a Dutch man brought twenty Africans to the New World, beginning slavery. Although there were not many Africans working as slaves, Native Americans were still being subjected to the captivity and labor. What was not seen as such a grand issue then began to escalate, and there was a shift from the majority of slaves being Native Americans to Africans from 1650 to 1750. Throughout the following centuries, the United States of America became divided rather than united. The principle that “all men are created equal” slowly became a something that only applied to one type of man: white.
Starting with the founding of the United States, people of African descent were seen as people of lower class. In fact, at one point African Americans were viewed as animals or savages by whites. In the late 1800s, African Americans received some recognition when each person was counted in the population as three-fifths of a person. However in the 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement was initiated to earn equality for…

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