Essay on The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson

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In agreement to both Thoreau and King, one must transgress a physical change towards an unjust law with the ideals of civil disobedience. Both leaders had the same concept of ideas about civil rights but, show their point of view differently. Fighting for equal rights in the United States was never easy. The “Declaration of Independence” written by Thomas Jefferson discusses the ideas of equal rights for both men and women. Jefferson explains every single person has the right to be treated as an equal. He continues taking about slave trade, and how African Americans should have the same liberty as white Americans. The Declaration of Independence stated its basic rights and liberties as an American. Henry Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. raised awareness following Jefferson on the fight for individual rights for the people. Both men lead the fight for what they strongly believed in. King and Thoreau form protests wanting laws to change for the country. King’s focus pertaining civil rights by getting the attention of the people while, Thoreau illustrated more of an emotional appeal using metaphors. Henry David Thoreau states “In other words, when a sixth of the population of a nation which has untaken to be refuge of liberty are slaves, and a whole country is unjustly overrun” (Thoreau, pg. 325).

Body 1: Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau correctly stated in “Civil Disobedience” that his agreement was to restrained the governments power. He explained, citizens shouldn’t…

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