The Declaration Of Independence And Declaring Essays

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Many argue that the pen is mightier than the sword, but there is nothing mighty about writing something without meaning. Historically, speaking “during the first fifteen years following its adoption … the Declaration of Independence seems to have been all but forgotten” (Finkelman). Thomas Jefferson, widely known for writing the Declaration of Independence and declaring “all men are created equal,” is constantly and wrongfully credited with the insertion of equality for all in America. In comparison to his fellow founding fathers, he was a radical white supremacist and took actions to preserve white superiority and the institution of slavery itself.
Prior to the American Revolution, slavery was accepted by most colonists as a natural institution. However, during and following the Revolution, many significant historical figures began to view slavery as barbaric and dehumanizing and many men of prominence released their slaves. One of Jefferson’s contemporaries, “George Washington, who freed his slaves, precisely because slavery had made human beings into money, like ‘Cattle in the market’” (Wiencek 2), recognized the blaring evils of slavery, whereas Jefferson did not. Jefferson supported slavery and perceived blacks to be an inferior race, not at all equal to whites. Contrary to Washington’s beliefs, “Jefferson insisted that a multiracial society with free black people was impossible... Never did Washington suggest that blacks were inferior or that they should be exiled”…

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