The Declaration Expressed On The Development And Powers Of The New American Nation

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How were the grievances expressed in the Declaration expressed in the development and powers of the new American nation?
The grievances of the American nation that were later interpreted in the Declaration of Independence obeyed the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. Among other things, the nation was outraged by the fact there was an unfair social division. People struggled for the principle of equality for all. The nation wished to achieve freedom, and the pursuit of Happiness. The current Government abolished human rights and desires. It limited the liberty of the particular population. People were judged by race, income, and gender. Abuse and limits gave Americans a right to get rid of the irresponsible and cruel Government. They also did not like the financial aspect. While the majority of the population was suffering from poverty and tiring work schedules, the representatives of the Government and other authorities were stealing money for personal gain meanwhile achieving nothing for the general prosperity of the nation. Total Tyranny in some states led to the injuries and ongoing usurpation of the local population.
The specific protests included the total power of the King of Great Britain who denied to agree with American laws. “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us.” The King sent people accused of crimes far away to England. He dismissed the Representative House and rejected other candidates to be elected. Americans sought out their right to vote, and…

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