The Death And Old Age Essay

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Death and old age is something most people never want to talk about; when one tries to bring up the subject, another tries to avoid it. Talking about the processes involving aging is noteworthy yet it is not one thinks about every day. It is the final process our bodies will ever take before dying. So, it is natural for people to have varying scales of anxiety about aging since this stage typically serves as a reminder of how much time they may have left. Old age or as others has termed it as, Older Adulthood, starts at age 65 and it continues till Death. Once one reaches older adulthood, varying factors starts coming to play as we start to live out our last years, however long that may be. Several factors, which come into play, are life expectancy, heredity, longevity, environment, aging, body systems, memory, and financial standings. All of these factors correlate with our anxieties with growing old to a certain degree. We have experienced these factors indirectly through a family friend or a family member but we have never experienced these changes personally. Due to that inability to know what would happen, that increases our anxiety a bit due to the knowledge growing old impacts everyone in different ways. Having seen how it has impacted these people in different ways, we are hesitant to welcome these changes while not knowing how it will specifically impacts us personally. Now, growing old has changed over the course of years due to large leaps in medicine and science…

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