Essay on The Day Operating The Front Desk

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On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, the writer began the day operating the front desk. She answered the phone, directed calls, accepted donations, and passed out mail to clients. Later in the day, the writer assisted a recovery client with checking her credit score. The writer assisted the client with creating an account with credit karma and printing needed information from the site. She needed to retrieve the information so she could create a payment plan for her delinquent accounts. The writer ended the day getting CNA course material ready for a shelter client that is about to start the STAT Medical Services CNA program. Some of the course material included a watch with second hand, scrubs, stethoscope, one box vinyl gloves, paper, pen, highlighter, tooth brush, tooth paste, and tank top. The writer was able to find some items, but others needed to be bought.
On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, the writer created a get well card for one of the volunteers of Damascus Way. The volunteer will be absent for two weeks due to her having surgery on her ankle. Later in the day, the client operated the front desk and went through donations. The writer ended the day at the radio station to do an interview about her internship experience at Damascus Way. In the interview, it was the writer, two volunteers from Damascus Way, a worker from Valley Rescue Mission, and the interviewer. The experience was amazing because it was the writer’s first time being on the radio and she had an opportunity to…

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