The Cuban Missile Crisis And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The United States had a surplus of foreign concerns during key moments of the Civil Rights Movement. After World War II, people were trying to return to their former lives, however other issues prohibited that from ever happening. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the whole country feared for their lives since potential attacking forces were only ninety miles away. While the Crisis had almost everyone in a panic, sit-ins were happening across the country to protest segregation. Not only were life-changing affairs taking place but affairs that would become part of history and change the course of the United States. On the home front, the Civil Rights Movement was heating up and trying to gain momentum despite not having the full attention that it should have. Events seemingly unrelated to the Civil Rights Movement such as the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War were detriments to the Movement by distracting the public from efforts in the South and by focusing political attention on foreign matters and issues resulting from those matters instead of the efforts of the Civil Rights activists.
In the post World War II United States of America, soldiers were coming back to their homes, starting families, and making better lives for themselves. However, this was not the case for every American. African Americans in particular were still facing major oppression in the South through Jim Crow laws and widespread complacency of racism. The Jim Crow laws were…

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